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What to expect from a Journal workshop

Our journaling workshops are grounded on a variety of journaling approaches. Jenny has studied with Ira Progoff, Christina Baldwin, and Kathleen Adams. All workshops introduce journal writing, an overview of techniques, and give participants hands-on experience in trying them out. Everyone will have opportunities to share their writing and discuss their respones to a variety of writing tools.

These workshops will be tailored to participants’ interests and needs. In general, you can expect:

> mini presentations on the topic;

> writing time and structured exercises;

> opportunities to share your writing and have it witnessed by others;

> discussion and Q&A time;

> resource suggestions for further exploration;

> a group confidentiality commitment; and

> limited group size (4-8).

Workshops will be held in downtown Blacksburg. Lunches will be brown-bag or provided at-cost. Contact us to let us know you’re interested.