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What to expect from an AWA workshop

The AWA workshop method is tailored to participants’ needs and wishes.
That said, writers can expect the following:

> at least 60-75 minutes of writing time each session;

> confidentiality in a devoted writing space;

> feedback that addresses the strongest elements of your writing, aka “what’s alive” for your audience;

> one-of-a-kind writing prompts that develop your craft as a writer, provide access to your deepest voice, and invite you to explore new areas of writing;

> limited group size (no more than 6 participants);

> the opportunity to meet one-on-one with Jenny and/or Lesley to discuss your writing; and

> the opportunity for an in-depth response to your polished manuscript.

Workshops meet in downtown Blacksburg. Please contact us here if you’d like to be notified when we offer this workshop again.

Note that these workshops aren’t cumulative or repetitive — AWA workshops often have a “core” of returning participants.