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Amherst Writers and Artists Workshops

Pat Schneider developed the AWA method; her book Writing Alone and with Others (2003) presents its fundamental principles. The AWA’s basic tenets — confidentiality, and treating all writing as fiction — are straightforward. Putting them into practice yields a very different, powerful workshop experience, unlike others you may have had.

Each session gives writers plenty of writing time, and time for all who wish to share their words. Then there is time for writers who read their work aloud to receive supportive feedback — about what worked, what resonated, what landed for the listeners. The comments are about the writing, not about the writer, not about the listener. You, the author, don’t ever have to talk about what you’ve written, ever again.

Bottom line:

Pat’s idea of how to decide if a workshop is a good fit for a writer: do you feel more like writing, or less like writing, after being in the workshop?

Our experience with the AWA method leads us to offer this workshop with tremendous enthusiasm and faith that you will feel more like writing after participating.

Details about what to expect at an AWA workshop are here.

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